Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Guests of the Lodging House

Detailed below are some of the many different personalities that one might encounter in Haiuk's establishment.

Kralow, Zabrak Bodyguard (Rival)
Brawn 3 Cunning 2 Presence 2
Agility 3 Intellect 2 Willpower 2

Soak: 3
Wound Threshold: 15
Strain Threshold: 14
M/R Defense: 1 / 1

Skills: Athletics 2, Brawl 2, Coercion 1, Cool 2, Gunnery 1, Lore 1, Melee 2, Perception 2, Ranged—Heavy 3, Ranged—Light 2, Resilience 1, Survival 1, Vigilance 2

Talents: Barrage, Body Guard, Brace, Defensive Stance, Durable, Grit, Hard Headed, Side Step, Toughened

Abilities: Free rank in Perception or Resistance

Equipment: Armored clothing, light repeating blaster, blaster pistol, vibrosword, vibroknife, comlink, 500 credits
Zay Tesmrik, Human Scoundrel (Rival)
Brawn 2 Cunning 3 Presence 3
Agility 2 Intellect 2 Willpower 2

Soak: 2
Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12
M/R Defense: 0 / 0

Skills: Charm 2, Computers 1, Cool 1, Core Worlds 1, Deception 2, Lore 2, Negotiation 1, Outer Rim 2, Perception 2, Ranged—Light 1, Skulduggery 2, Stealth 2, Streetwise 2, Underworld 2, Vigilance 1

Talents: One free rank in each of two non-career skills

Abilities: Black Market Contacts, Convincing Demeanor, Quick Strike, Rapid Reaction, Side Step

Equipment: Clothing, blaster pistol, comlink, datapad, sabacc deck, 2000 credits

Zay Tesmrik is a Human of Dathomiri origin, and her exotic appearance—pale complexion, dark hair and eyes, and elaborate facial tattoos—hint at her background. About a year ago she managed to slip offworld with her friend and bodyguard, Kralow, in tow. Now the pair make their living through Zay's schemes, relying on her sabacc winnings, various schemes and the occasional job that he undertakes. The Human tends to be flirtatious and adventurous; what she hasn't completely recognized is that Kralow has fallen in love with her, and is becoming jealous of the beings to whom she gives her attention.

Using these Beings in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
This pair of travelers can be incorporated into an Edge of the Empire campaign in many different ways; a few of the possibilities are detailed here.
  • One or more PCs could be drawn into one of Zay's sabacc games.
  • Zay could also serve as an informant, trading information about lucrative opportunities for cash or services rendered.
  • It's even odds of whether the offer is legitimate or just some kind of scam, of course.
  • Should one of the PCs take an interest in Zay, Kralow could become belligerent.

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