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Gamorrean Stronghold

Just beyond the boundary of Hutt Space is the planet Gamorr. It is a backwater world, one with little technology and even less refinement. Even so, the warriors who inhabit are known throughout the galaxy for their toughness. That is why they make popular mercenaries, especially for the criminal rulers of Nal Hutta.

The Stronghold
Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions. The walls of the stronghold, it should be noted, rise ten meters in height. They are made from two layers of worked stone, filled with rocks and other debris between them. An elevated walkway runs along the top of the walls, one from which the Gamorreans can survey the surrounding terrain.

1. Entry
Admittance to the stronghold is provided through a huge pair of iron-banded wooden doors. They can be sealed from the inside with stout wooden beams, at which point nothing short of a formidable Brawn check can force them open.

2. Towers/Tuskers' Quarters
Spaced intermittently around the wall are these towers. Each has a spiral staircase running up its center, and is pierced by numerous narrow windows for protected visibility. The top of each tower is open to the sky above, providing a watchpoint. At the base of each tower is a small sleeping chamber for the tuskers who are stationed in it.

3. Storehouses
These low wooden buildings are used for storing the clan's food supplies, extra weapons, raw materials and other such things.

4. Cistern
In the middle of the stronghold's courtyard is this open structure. A spiral staircase leads down into a subterranean well, providing freshwater for the Gamorreans's needs. (Note that bathing is not one of those needs.)

5. Sow's Quarters
Each of these buildings provides living space for the clan's sows, along with their younglings. (Young males remain here until such time as they are ready to serve among the tuskers.) Each building has two levels.

6. Main Hall
This is where Clan Matron Orrza and Warlord Orrik host gatherings. It is an open chamber, two stories in height. Two rows of chairs sit facing each other, flanking larger thrones for the clan's leaders. Spiral staircases lead down to the building's lower level.

7. Kitchen
Always a center of activity, the kitchen broasts a broad hearth for cooking meat, stewing fungus and the like. It also keeps this building the most comfortable during Coldtime.

8. Elder Sows' Quarters
A trio of older females act as servants in the main hall. It is they who do the cooking, and generally boss around the veteran boars.

9. Veteran Boars' Quarters
These older males, also three in number, assist the clan warlord in whatever he needs.

10. Clan Matron's Quarters
Clan Matron Orrza has her private chamber here. Although it is roomier than the quarters provide for all but her husband, it is still relatively spartan. The exception is a steel-banded chest that contains her valuables, including jewelry, trophies and other such items.

11. Clan Warlord's Quarters
Although Warlord Orrik spends much of his time visiting his wife, he does have his own quarters here.

Using the Gamorrean Stronghold in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
This location can be incorporated into an Edge of the Empire campaign in many different ways; a few of the possibilities are detailed here.
  • Many Hutts negotiate with Gamorrean Clan Matrons to acquire their services. PCs who are working for the Hutts might be required to participate in such negotiations, to deliver a difficult cargo as a form of payment, or to transport warriors from their homeworld back to Nal Hutta.
  • A PC who excels in hand-to-hand combat could be called upon to act as champion for a Hutt crime boss; that character must defeat the clan's champion in order to secure a contract for mercenary service.
  • During a visit to the stronghold, the PCs could become embroiled in intrigues regarding two boars who are competing for the same sow.
  • The Gamorreans' infamous hatred of droids could lead to shenanigans if the PCs happen to bring one of their own—and especially if a PC is a droid.
  • When the Gamorreans are faced by a danger that they don't fully comprehend, they might call upon the PCs to help investigate.

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