Sunday, November 29, 2015

Loag Stronghold

On the planet Merisee there lurks a cult of assassins known as the Loag. For many years they carried out paid acts of murder with virtual impunity, until the Jedi Order decided to put an end to its activities. Six Jedi were sent to do so; it took a year, and three who were sent did not return. Even so, the Loag were broken...

...until the rise of the Galactic Empire, that is. Now that Emperor Palpatine's New Order has seized control of the galaxy, the Loag are reestablishing themselves. While some of their number wish to remain secretive, others want to make a more blatant statement to the rest of the galaxy. For more information about the history of the Loag, refer to Wookieepedia.

The Stronghold
Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions.

1. Stairwell
Trapdoors concealed in the floors of two meditation rooms from the thinking garden provide access to the stairwells; finding them accidentally requires a daunting Perception check.

2. Refresher
These rooms are simple but contain the expected amenities.

3. Storage
Each of these rooms is stocked with extra linens, replacement light fixtures, spare furniture and the like.

4. Hallway
These L-shaped passages are lined with old-fashioned wooden doors sealed by mechanical locks; the residents possess the keys for them.

5. Junior Assassins' Quarters
Young members of the organization who've begun pursuing missions for the cult are given private quarters as a sign of rank and privilege; their rooms are furnished with a plain but comfortable bed, a storage locker (usually kept beneath the bed) and a desk and chair.

6. Senior Assassins' Quarters
In addition to the amenities found in the quarters of their underlings, these rooms also boast wardrobes and more space.

7. Mess Hall
The broad tables and benches in this room provide seating for at least two dozen beings.

8. Neophytes' Barracks
Before they have proven their commitment to the organization, new recruits are housed in these rooms that are lined with bunks.

9. Armory
This room is sealed with a durasteel door secured by an alpha-numeric keypad. Its walls are lined with shelves containing blaster pistols and rifles, body armor, vibrodaggers, grenades and other tools of the trade used by the assassins.

10. Kitchen
Sinks, stovetops and ovens, cabinets of cooking supplies and food preparation tables line the walls of this room, and the odor of meat and spices is constant.

11. Pantry
The shelves that line this room's walls are filled with boxes, cartons and jars containing all manner of foodstuffs.

12. Cook's Quarters
Although not technically of equal rank with the senior assassins, the cook—a Besalisk named Juk Laryn—enjoys private quarters similar to theirs, located just off of the kitchen.

13. Prisoners' Cells
Old-fashioned durasteel manacles hang from the walls of these chambers, while drains in the floor allow them to be cleaned of their inhabitants' accumulated filth.

14. Torture Chamber
A broad table occupies the center of this chamber, one to which unwilling guests can be secured with manacles. There is a strange smell in the area, one caused by the assassins' favorite method of torture—the burning.

15. Library
Walls lined with shelves that hold datacards and readers, holocubes and even some old-fashioned printed lexicons are the most notable feature of this room, along with tables and chairs in the middle of it. There is also a secret entrance to the stronghold's vault, which requires a daunting Perception check to notice and a secret code, or a daunting Skulduggery check, to access.

16. Grand Master's Quarters
Although little different from the quarters for the senior assassins or the cook, this room houses the Grand Master for this sect of the Loag.

17. Secret Vault
The Loag cult stores its most valuable treasures here.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Shrine of Kooroo

Following the end of the Clone Wars, Emperor Palpatine's New Order began a systematic purge not only of any remaining adherents to the Jedi Order, but also of other sects that studied the ways of the Force. Even so, beings throughout the galaxy struggled to prevent the eradication of all teachings, and even sought out like-minded individuals with whom to share their knowledge. In doing so, one of the groups they studied was the Followers of Kooroo. While some dismissed these mystics as dupes or frauds, others recognized the power contained in their mysterious shrines.

The Shrines of Kooroo are located throughout the galaxy's Outer Rim, usually found on worlds with little major development. Examples include those on Gelgelar and Vaynai, along with Hafrinn, Branteez, Suffez and Boztrok. Each shrine consists of three levels, with the first two enclosed and the top one open. Internal features vary, with some boasting inscriptions and artwork. Some also have obelisks or standing stones surrounding them. 

The shrine depicted here is built from neatly fitted stone blocks. It is accessible via broad wooden double doors on the ground floor. Eight columns support the upper levels, and stairs lead upward. When the doors are closed, this level is shrouded in darkness. The middle level features four large windows, with shutters that can be closed against inclement weather. The top level is surrounded by a railing and covered by a narrow roof, but otherwise open.

Using the Shrine of Kooroo in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
Detailed here are some of the ways in which this shrine and its secrets can be used in adventures on the galactic fringe.
  • Most notably, the shrine serves to amplify the effects of Force powers such as Foresee or Seek. Rather than defining this in terms of game mechanics, however, interpretation of what happens is left up to the GM. This might include magnitude, range, strength and duration upgrades.
  • A mystic who hopes to use the shrine to find like-minded individuals could hire the PCs to make the journey here.
  • The PCs could be led to this location as part of a treasure hunt, with a series of clues leading them to it.
  • In the event that they found a previously undiscovered shrine of Kooroo, the PCs could be in for some lucrative business—but they could also draw the unwanted attention from greedy beings such as the Hutts, or even the wrath of the Empire.