Monday, May 6, 2013

Quite an Experience

During this past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Star Wars Game Experience at the Fantasy Flight Games Even Center in Roseville, MN. One of the benefits of living in Northeast Minneapolis is that it's only a short jaunt for me to go there. Here are a few comments about the weekend's activities.

On Saturday, I attended the reveal of the new miniatures for the X-Wing game; my buddy Brent and I were able to guess three out of four new minis. We predicted the B-Wing fighter, TIE bomber and Lambda-class shuttle. The surprise was the HWK-290 fighter, inspired by the Dark Forces story.

Next up was a hosted Edge of the Empire RPG session that I ran. I had a table of six players, and it went well. While I'm still a little slow with the game mechanics, the players--Kyle, Matt, Matt, Michael, Nick and Sean--were understanding, and they provided plenty of good roleplaying. We played through a scenario that I wrote, and that I plan to put up on this blog after making some modifications to it.

Sunday provided a chance to do some playing; the adventure was the first part of "Trouble Brewing," which is the scenario that will be included in the core rulebook. (I was pleased to see that this is a new scenario, not just a reprint of the one from the beta version of the rules.) This, too, was a good deal of fun.

While running and playing these rounds, I also had a chance to read through the forthcoming core rulebook. This proved to be twice the length of the beta version, including the aforementioned new adventure and an extensive gazeteer with information about different planets and organizations. There's also a beautiful map of the Star Wars galaxy.

All in all, the weekend left me excited for the release of this book. I also learned that there'll be a new adventure released for Free RPG Day on June 15th; if you're in the Twin Cities area, I recommend making the trip to the FFGEC to play it.


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