Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hunter and Hunted

As mentioned in my last post, I had the opportunity to host a table at the Star Wars Game Experiences this past weekend; for this I wrote a scenario called "Hunter and Hunted." It's not pretty, but hopefully it can make for a fun session or two.


Hunter and Hunted


  1. Hi,

    It seems that I can't access the file on drop-box?

  2. Hmm. The link seems to work for me, opening into a PDF that can then be saved. I'll double-check it, though.

  3. Hi Nate!

    I love this story so I decided to tranclate it for the german Community. With the help from Kainrath I got the design for the Layout and Background. I created the maps which you have painted, with the files from Peter Tompson which looks like this:

    The whole translated Adventure you can find here:

    Enjoy and thanks for creating the Story! Maybe I will translate and design more of your stuff in the future.