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Natoli's Nightclub and Casino (Part 1)

Real life has been keeping me busy of late, so I'm going to cheat a little bit and break my next intended post into two separate parts. As such, the first contains the map and area descriptions, while the second will include stats for the characters and suggestions for using this location and its inhabitants in a campaign.


Natoli's Nightclub and Casino
This establishment could be found in any of the larger, more civilized spaceports of the Outer Rim worlds. It is a place to find music, gambling, socialization, food and drinks--along with all of the drama that the staff and guests bring with them.

Refer to the map of the casino for the appropriate location details.

1. Lobby
A broad set of double doors open into this area from the street; they are only closed when the place shuts down for the night, or in the event of trouble. When sealed, they require an average Mechanics check, followed by a hard Computers effort to bypass. The lobby itself is comfortably furnished with chairs for patrons who are waiting, along with a few potted plants. Guards here use weapons scanners to check newcomers, a "necessary inconvenience" as far as security is concerned.

2. Coat Check
In addition to providing a place for guests to leave unneeded outer garments, this area is where they can store their weapons while visiting the establishment. Individual storage lockers line one wall (each with stats similar to the main entry doors), while racks for coats, cloaks and the like line the other.

3. Refreshers
These rooms contain all of the expected amenities.

4. Control Room
The walls of this room are lined with work stations at which security personnel monitor all of the activities in the establishment. In the event of trouble, they immediately alert all of the guards via comlink.

5. Main Hall
Gaming tables fill most of this room; sabacc is the game of choice. There is also a broad stage along one wall, where a variety of musical acts perform. Finally, long tables along opposite walls contain beverages and food for the assembled guests.

6. Security Office
Those guards who are not actively patrolling the establishment spend their time here, ready in the event of an emergency. There are comfortable couches, an entertainment center and the like.

7. Office
The brothers Natoli can be found here when they are not out shmoozing with guests. Each has a workstation. Additionally, a hidden safe in the middle of the floor (a hard Perception check to notice, and hard Skulduggery to access) holds 50,000 credits.

8. Break Room
Storage lockers line one wall of this room, providing a place for the non-security employees (dealers and servers) to keep their personal items while on the job. There are also a number of tables for staff members who are relaxing before or after shifts, and a food fixer.

9. Cold Storage
This large chamber is line with shelves for storing perishable food items and any beverages that are best served cold.

10. Kitchen
Four cooking stations fill the corners of this room, while a broad table occupies the center of it. It is here that the establishment's Ortolan chef, Moritz Nor, leads his staff in creating delectable appetizers and, occasionally, full meals, for guests.

11. Dry Storage
Any non-perishable food items, and beverages that don't require refrigeration, are stored here.

12. Staging Room
Visiting performers use this room to prepare, and to relax between sets. There is a table and chairs, along with storage lockers for the visiting entertainers.

13. Conference Room
When the occasional meeting must be held--either for the casino's management or for special groups of guests--it happens here.

14. Bar
Those beings who wish to relax between games or other entertainments can do so here, where the Duros bartender is ready to mix all manners of potent potables.

15. Smoking Room
In order to keep the facility as comfortable for as many guests as possible, the management restricts smoking to this area. Drinks can also be delivered from the bar next door.

16. Storage
Shelves line the walls of this room, which holds extra tables and chairs, tablecloths, serving equipment and anything else--other than consumables and combustables--that normal operation might require.

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