Sunday, October 5, 2014

Rebels Review

Since I was out of town from Friday through Sunday, I wasn't able to watch the first episode of Star Wars Rebels until this evening.

I loved it.

What is more, I think it can serve as a template for Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny campaigns.

Prior to watching the episode, I read parts of the review on In particular, there's one comment on that website that stood out to me:

By focusing on a small team in a small region of space, Rebels promises
to show us the Star Wars galaxy as we've never seen it before.”

I disagree, and here's why. My friends and I have been seeing the Star Wars galaxy that way on a weekly basis, on and off, for the past twenty-five years. This is exactly the scope and magnitude that I've tried to capture in RPG campaigns from D6 to D20 to now. The heroes make important contributions, admittedly on a smaller scale than that of the characters from the films, but ones that are meaningful and urgent in their own way.

What is more, the party of characters in Rebels fits RPG campaigns to a T. They have diverse personalities, backgrounds, motivations and abilities, but they come together to fight the good fight. Even though they disagree with each other, they overcome that in order to accomplish their objectives.

I, for one, enjoyed the first episode, and I look forward to this show having a long run.


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