Monday, September 8, 2014

Rebellion Day and the Name Game, Part 2

I have two quick things for today's post. One is a note that Fantasy Flight Games has released the list of retailers who are participating in Rebellion Day this weekend. Have a look.

Rebellion Day Participants

The second thing is an addition to my previous article about coming up with names for characters.


The Name Game, Part 2
One of this blog's earliest articles presented some different ways to find names for Star Wars characters. Here are some more.

One is to take real-world names and cut out parts of them. Take, for example, the name Jeremiah. Looking at it, one could cut off the end, providing the name Jerem. Alternately, take the name Nathanael. Take a bit off the beginning and the end and you have Thana.

You could even take the letters that are left, n-a-e-l, to create another name, Nela. Perhaps she and Thana are sisters, or a mother and daughter.

Another option is to take real-world names and change a letter or two. Take the name Michael, for example. Change one letter and it becomes Mithael. John, in the same way, can become Jorn.
To add a level of complication, one can use to find random names. Just pick a movie, clic on the “See full cast” link, and pick something not so famous. Take, for example, Paul Blake, the actor credited for Greedo. With a few changes, that becomes Gaul Olak.

Not every attempt at producing a name will be successful, of course, but with a little practice these options can yield satisfying results.

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