Monday, September 15, 2014

Intergalactic Museum

This post draws its inspiration from my previous line of exploration that focused on Corellia. It is fortuitous, however, that it is located on Nal Hutta, continuing my exploration of Hutt Space. I say fortuitous because Fantasy Flight Games has just announced that their next sourcebook for Edge of the Empire will be Lords of Nal Hutta, dedicated to that very part of the galaxy.

Lords of Nal Hutta


Intergalactic Museum
Few beings would think of the planet Nal Hutta as a tourist destination. After all, the planet is known for little more than Hutt palaces and swampland. Even so, there's a little-known gem of academic and aesthetic value to be found there—the Museum of Intergalactic Cultures. To its credit, the place does boast a large number of artworks from all around the galaxy. That doesn't change the fact, however, that it also serves as a front for numerous Hutt crime boss investors, who use it as an elaborate credit laundering scheme.

The Grand Tour
The building's exterior is made from dark, imported Durosian marble. There is a small portico out front, from which broad, double bronzium doors provide entry to the lobby. The outside walls are pierced by tall, narrow windows, ones that are too small for most beings to slip through them. There is also a series of nine skylights in the top of the roof, windows that are reinforced by durasteel crosspieces to protect against intrusion. There are floodlights situated out front, too, as a deterrent to thieves.

Bypassing the alphanumeric keypad out front requires a daunting Skulduggery or Computers check—provided one can find the time to work on it without attracting the unwanted attention of the guards, of course.

1. Lobby
This room is furnished with little more than two information desks and a large glass box for collecting donations. The prior are staffed by appealing Twi'lek docents who can direct guests to whatever it is that they seek. The latter, on the other hand, is a secret source of delight for the Hutt benefactors, since it means that other beings unwittingly donate to their illicit enterprises.

2. Turbolifts
On three sides of the building, these provide access between levels. In addition to the normal controls, they have slots for inserting passkeys, in order to reach the building's lower level. Bypassing that safeguard requires a hard Skulduggery or Computers effort.

3. Refreshers
Each of these small rooms provides all of the usual amenities.

4. Stairway
For beings who aren't Hutts, these provide a secondary means of passing between levels. Like the turbolifts, they require passkeys and codes to reach the basement.

5-11. Exhibits
These broad, open rooms have plenty of space for arranging displays, with shelving units and display cases that can be added as necessary. The odd-numbered areas, which are larger, also have narrow windows for illumination.

12. Central Plaza
This area is kept open for traffic. There are L-shaped seating areas for guests who need to rest.

13-20. More Exhibits
These rooms are the same as their counterparts on the lower level, except that is the even-numbered ones that are larger and better lit.

21. Lightwell
A railing surrounds the open area above the central plaza, below, allowing illumination from the skylights overhead to reach the lower level.

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