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M'dweshuu Blood Cult Hideout

Among the Nikto there is a curious, dangerous institution known as the Blood Cult of M'dweshuu. The beings who adhere to it practice the sacrifice of sentient beings, all in the hope of appeasing the spirit that inhabits the M'dweshuu Nova. While some of these groups are not particular in selecting their victims, one uses the practice as a means of making war against the Hutts and their minions.

The Hideout
The Blood Cult's hideout is located underneath a landing pad on Nal Hutta. It is one reserved for use by Jer Tosek, a curator from the Museum of Intergalactic Cultures. Unbeknownst to most, it is actually operated by Golun Tosek, Jer's brother. In addition to handling deliveries for the museum, it conceals a meeting place and base of operations for the cult. Refer to the previous post,

1. Turbolift
At a glance, the turbolift just seems to run from ground level up to the landing platform. Those who possess the keycard, however, can make it go to the underground level. Failing that, one must make a hard Skulduggery check to bypass the mechanism.

2. Power Station
The turbolift's main door, when it reaches the underground level, opens onto this small chamber. The facility's fusion generator is located here, along with a workstation for monitoring its operation.

3. Main Room
Those who possess the correct code can open the doors on the other side of the car, providing access to the hideout. The main chamber is a broad, open area, occupied only by a table and eight chairs in its center. It is here that important meetings take place, especially those in which victims are chosen. (The actually killings happen outside the facility, of course, where their public nature brings more attendtion and thus honor to M'dweshuu.) There are also eight doors leading to the other parts of the facility.

4. Kitchen
This room has counters with cooking surfaces along one side, and sinks along the other. The outside wall is filled with various implements for food preparation. A door in one wall leads into the pantry, which is filled with all manner of dried, pressure-contained and otherwise preserved foodstuffs.

5. Refreshers
All of the usual amenities can be found here.

6. Quarters
Each of these small chambers boasts a double bunk, underneath which individual storage lockers lie, along with a table and chairs. Members of the cult take their ease in these rooms.

Detailed below are some of the beings who can usually be found here.

Golun Tosek, Blood Cult Leader (Nemesis)
Brawn 4 Cunning 2 Presence 2
Agility 3 Intellect 1 Willpower 2

Soak: 5
Wound Threshold: 16
Strain Threshold: 10
M/R Defense: 0 / 0

Skills: Astrogation 1, Athletics 2, Brawl 3, Cool 2, Coordination 2, Discipline 2, Lore 2, Medicine 1, Melee 3, Perception 2, Piloting—Planetary 1, Piloting—Space 1, Ranged—Light 2, Resilience 2, Skulduggery 2, Stealth 2, Streetwise 1, Survival 2, Underworld 1, Vigilance 2

Talents: Dodge, Grit, Lethal Blows, Outdoorsman, Precise Aim, Quick Draw, Quick Strike, Stalker, Targeted Blow

Abilities: One free rank in Resilience; one free rank in Outdoorsman talent

Equipment: Heavy clothing, heavy blaster pistol, vibrosword, comlink

Golun Tosek is a cold-blooded killer, nothing more or less. He believes without a hint of doubt that sacrifices earn him the favor of M'dweshuu, and that he will attain through it some kind of glorious standing in a sublime supernatural hierarchy. He is insane.
Thus far his brother Jer has assisted him by providing employment as a means of support, along with a cover story and a base of operations. Jer also keeps his eyes and ears open for potential recruits. For the brother, the cult is a potential means of striking out against the Hutts who enslave his people. Jer is worried about Golun's bloodthirsty nature, however, and isn't sure how long the cult can continue to operate in secret. For his part, Golun only seeks to find new victims and kill them for the greater glory of his sovereign spirit.

Cultists—Use stats for Slarr's servants, as detailed in a previous post.

Using the Blood Cult in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
This organization can be incorporated in a campaign in many different ways; a few of the possibilities are detailed here.
  • Should the PCs find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could witness an attack on one of the cult's targets and have a chance to intervene.
  • On the other hand, if they are loyal servants of the Hutts, they might be targeted as victims themselves.
  • If the cult murdered a being favored by the Hutts, the PCs could be hired to investigate the matter and bring the culprits to justice.
  • The Hutts could employ the PCs to eradicate the cult.
  • On the other hand, if the PCs are planning a move against the Hutts, they might find erstwhile allies in the members of the Blood Cult.

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