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Underwater Cavern

The planet Corellia is known for many natural wonders, possibly none more than the Gold Beaches along its southern sea. Beneath those shimmering waters is another distinguishing feature, however--a source of the rare orange lightsaber crystals. One such place is a network of caverns located at the base of the famed Vreni Island.

The Cavern
The mouth of the cavern lies some fifteen meters below the surface of the ocean, depending on the fluctuation of the tides. It is little different from other such underwater structures, save that vented gases sometimes bubble forth from inside it. Only upon closer inspection can its secrets be discovered.

A. Entrance
Most of the cavern is unremarkable, consisting of a broad chamber with narrower passages leading from it. The height of the ceiling usually matches the width of a given section. Naturally, characters who wish to explore it need to have some kind of breathing apparatus along with a light source in order to do so. At the GM's option, this area could serve as the home for an aquatic creature such as a dianoga (core rulebook, page 415) or one or more creatures akin to reevos (Beyond the Rim, page 58).

B. Vent
Gases from underneath the planet's crust leak into the water here, creating the occasional eruption of bubbles. As the minerals that they contain combine with those from the water and the surrounding rocks, they collect in the form of orange crystals. While the vast majority of the crystals are of little value, at least one is appropriate for use in creating a lightsaber. A hard Lore check is required to recognize the appropriate one.

Characters who succeed at a daunting Perception check also notice that a passage leads from the swirling, bubbling vent deeper into the surrounding rock. This provides a means of reaching the hidden chamber, but only exploration can reveal that information. Note, too, that the heat put forth by the vent means it should be treated as a rating 1 fire source, causing one wound to characters for each round that they spend in the darkened patches or the tunnel between them.

C. Cave-In
The ceiling in this part of the chamber has collapsed, sealing the passage. A hard Perception check reveals that it doesn't seem to have been from natural causes, while Advantage generated by the check allows characters to find a small piece from an explosive charge. Just why the charge was used, however, remains to be learned. Additionally, using the right sensor equipment and making an average Computers check reveals the presence of a cavity behind the cavi-in.

D. Hidden Chamber
This is where Obah the Neti hid her possessions before trying to create a new life for herself. The most notable item is a waterproof case that holds a sealed strongbox. A display on the front of the box, when activated, displays the following message: EMOTION. There is also a small alphanumeric keypad, into which one must type the correct response: peace. That, in turn displays the next message, IGNORANCE. In this way it runs through the series of tenets from the Jedi Code: knowledge is the next response, followed by PASSION and serenity, and after them DEATH and the Force. Correctly supplying the correct responses opens the strongbox. Failing that, one could always attempt to access it via a hard Skulduggery check, but Threat or Despair generated from such a check could cause harm to the box's contents.

Just what the box contains is left up to the discretion of the GM, depending on the needs of the characters and the campaign. Possible items include the components for a lightsaber, a Jedi holocron or the like.

Using the Underwater Cavern in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
Many of the ways in which this location can be used in a campaign are detailed below.
  • Characters might learn of this place through communing with the Neti-Tree, as detailed previously.
  • Alternately, the PCs could be dragged into the business of finding it when another character attempts to do so but turns up missing.
  • The challenge of finding the hidden chamber could be part of the test for a character who seeks to become a Jedi.
  • Of course, Imperial types who learn of the location could seek to destroy it once and for all.

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