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Drall Library

Given the vast scope of galactic history (more than tweny millenia) and the number of worlds involved in its events, it takes a dedicated being to study it in depth. Such is the nature of the scholarly-minded Drall named Emiss, one who is especially interested in tales of the Jedi and the machinations that led to the downfall of their order. He is also the proprietor of a library on Corellia's Vreni Island. In this way he provides a place for locals--along with those visitors who tire of more typical pastimes--to enjoy a cup of stim-tea and a good data-disc.

The Library
While not particularly large, Emiss's library boasts an impressive collection of data-discs, along with some printed texts. For more details, refer to the appropriate map and the following area descriptions.

A. The Bar
In the middle of the building is a broad counter in the form of a square, with an open area for preparing stim-tead and snacks in the middle. Of course, visitors are encouraged to be very careful when eating and perusing any of the printed texts. Skylights in the roof provide illumination.

B. The Stacks
Floor-to-ceiling shelving units create a number of niches around the building's outside wall, each devoted to a different subject.

C. Refreshers
These rooms boast all the expected features, and are kept cleaner than in many other establishments.

Emiss, Drall Librarian
Brawn 1 Cunning 2 Presence 2
Agility 1 Intellect 4 Willpower 2

Soak: 1
Wound Threshold: 9
Strain Threshold: 14
M/R Defense: 0 / 0

Skills: Computers 2, Core Worlds 3, Deception 1, Education 3, Lore 3, Negotiation 2, Outer Rim 3, Perception 2, Underworld 1, Vigilance 1

Talents: Codebreaker, Intense Focus, Knowledge Specialization (Lore), Researcher, Respected Scholar

Abilities: Free rank in one Knowledge skill; adds an extra boost die to the pool when providing skilled assistance

Equipment: Toolbelt, pouches, datapad, comlink.

Emiss is a tried-and-true bookworm, one who has made a living out of reading texts and sharing them with others. Most beings who visit his library gain the impression that this is because of purely intellectual curiosity, but those who are close to the Drall learn the truth. He is obsessed with learning the truth behind what led to the downfall of the Jedi Order. This is because he knew some of the Jedi prior to Order 66 and its aftermath, including fellow Corellian Nejaa Halcyon. He does not believe that the Jedi were responsible for the subterfuge and betrayal of which they stand accused, and hopes to discover what really happened.

On a personal level, Emiss is very friendly. Given that he is short of stature and furry, and has such a scholarly nature, other beings often underestimate him and assume that he is soft and weak. In contrast, he has an iron will honed through difficult intellectual pursuits.

Using the Drall Library in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
Many of the ways in which this library can be used in a campaign are detailed below.
  • Should the PCs be looking for obscure information--perhaps as part of an archeological pursuit--they would do well to compare notes with Emiss.
  • The Drall, having learned that Obah the Neti was skilled in the ways of the Force, could hire some adventurous characters to discover what happened to her.
  • He would naturally be intrigued by any PCs who are Force-sensitive, seeking to learn what he could from them.
  • If Emiss's pursuits were discovered by agents of the Empire, they would seek to stop his inquiries. Which side the PCs take, of course, is up to them.

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