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Tusken Camp

Usually the beings on Tatooine do everything they can to avoid encounters with Tusken Raiders. There coud come a time, however, when they would actually need to seek out a Tusken camp, perhaps to stage a rescue or negotiate a truce. Whatever the case may be, refer to the map provided for the layout of such a harrowing place.

The camp consists of a ring of tent-like structures around a central firepit. It is usually set up around close to a rock wall or hill, on the lee side. Each structure is shared by a single family unit, or a group of unmarried males. Important members of the clan, such as the war chief or shaman, have their own dwellings. Note that the entrance to each structure is marked with an E; it is a flap that can be tied down to protect against the wind.

Around the camp the clan's creature companions are positioned for protection. The banthas (B) usually rest in one large group for warmth. Additionally, massiffs (M) are tethered in locations about the perimeter to alert the Tuskens of intruders. Finally, a pair of sharpshooters (S) are often kept on watch in some position of high ground. Other Tuskens (T)--males, females and younglings--gather around the fire when they are not sleeping.

Tusken Females--Use the stats for Typical Tuskens, although they are normally only equipped with heavy clothing and knives.

Tusken Younglings
Brawn 2 Cunning 2 Presence 1
Agility 2 Intellect 1 Willpower 1

Soak: 3
Wound Threshold: 3
Strain Threshold: NA
M/R Defense: 0 / 0

Skills (group only): Survival

Equipment: Heavy clothing

These younglings remain in the camp, learning to survive in the desert, until the males are old enough to begin accompanying their elders in hunting parties and similar excursions. Youngling females, like the older female Tuskens, stay in the camp.

Additionally, the following article from the Gaming Security Agency provides stats for massiffs and other takes on Tusken Raiders.

Using Tuskens in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
Detailed here are some of the ways in which these raiders can be used in adventures on the galactic fringe.
  • The most likely possibility is that characters traveling through the more remote areas of Tatooine encounter a band of Tuskens and must deal with it accordingly.
  • The PCs could be called into action when an old associate, traveling by speeder, suffers a breakdown and thus attracts unwanted attention.
  • Should the Tuskens be suitably provoked, they could stage a raid on a larger settlement such as Mos Espa.
  • If the Tuskens kidnapped somebody important, the PCs could be recruited to stage a rescue by raiding the raiders' camp.

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