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Wealthy Estate

Although the chances are good in an Edge of the Empire campaign that the PCs operate on the fringe of the galaxy and live from payday to payday, it's also likely that, sooner or later, they'll have need to visit the home of someone who leads a much more comfortable existence. When that happens, this location is just the place.

The Grand Tour
Refer to the appropriate map for the following area descriptions.

1. Front Gate
Although decorative in apperance, this gate is made of thick and sturdy durasteel. Bypassing it requires gaining access to the security booth on the other side, or an Easy Mechanics check followed by an Average Computers effort to hotwire it. A small camera is built into the outside wall, along with a microphone for communicating with the guard who is on duty at all times. Should the PCs want to blast their way through the gate, treat it like a vehicle that has a Hull Trauma Threshold of 3. In this way, attacks against it must cause at least ten points of damage to remove one point of HTT.

2. Security Booth
One guard is kept on duty here at all times; in addition to the pistol worn on his hip, he also has a riot gun in the booth. There is also a monitor that displays the image from the camera outside of the front gate. A second guard makes a patrol of the grounds every twenty minutes or so, stopping back here between rounds.

3. Repulsorgarage
Two vehicles, a luxury landspeeder and a repulsor-truck, are generally kept here--except, of course, when they are taken out on business. This building is not generally locked, but can be if trouble should arise.

4. Entry
This area is open to the level above and is lit by skylights overhead. A staircase leads to the upper level, allowing the inhabitants to make grand entrances when welcoming guests. Like the repulsorgarage, the front door is only locked in times of trouble.

5. Den
The centerpiece of this room is the holoprojector and comm suite built into one corner. The table also has a built-in dejarik board for those who fancy such games.

6. Wine Closet
This room, with controlled temperature and humidity, contains bottles of wine, ale, Corellian whiskey and other such potent potables.

7. Humidor
The walls of this room are lined with shelves; they are loaded with boxes of cigars from around the galaxy. It is also sealed for temperature and humidity.

8. Pantry
This room contains an impressive variety of foodstuffs, all suited to the inhabitants' expensive tastes.

9. Kitchen
All of the usual features can be found here, including a top-of-the-line autochef.

10. Dining Room
This table in this room is a solid piece of greel-wood; there is room for eight to sit at it.

11. Laundry Room
Facilities are provided here for washing the inhabitants' clothing along with linens and other such things.

12. Utility Room
The water heater and emergency generator are located here. There is also a recharging station for the droids who operate in the household.

13. Guards’ Bedrooms
In theory these goons are referred to as footmen, but everyone knows their true purpose.

14. Guest Rooms
There very comfortably appointed rooms are reserved for those quests who come to visit; each includes a bed, wardrobe, table and chairs.

15. Guest Refresher
There are no surprises here.

16. Storage Closet
This is filled with extra linens, supplies for the refresher and the like.

17. Deck
This area has an excellent view of the grounds. It could also provide a more secretive means of entering the house, if the PCs are inclined to do so.

18. Master Refresher
The large, fancy bathtub is the crowning feature of this bathroom, the one that is obviously reserved for the masters of the house themselves.

19. Master Bedroom
This room is furnished in the same manner as the guest rooms, except that everything is larger and more oppulent.

20. Office
A desk dominates the middle of this room; it has a computer station atop it, and is surrounded by overstuffed chairs. There is also a minibar against one wall, and a safe sits in the corner. Cracking the safe requires a Hard Skulduggery check. The difficulty of accessing the computer is left up to the GM, however, based on the information it contains and thus the extent to which it would be protected.

21. Garden
The house's yard is filled with beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees from around the galaxy, including a rich carpet of Dantooine grass, and other plants brought in from Felucia, Ithor and elsewhere.

Using the Wealthy Estate in an Edge of the Empire Campaign
Detailed here are some of the ways in which this fine home could become involved in adventures on the galactic fringe.
  • PC's who participated in the adventure Hunter and Hunted could discover that Talem and Loren Goll live in just such a home as this.
  • Alternately, they could be summoned to a place such as this by a potential employer in a display of wealth and influence.
  • The PCs might be hired to infiltrate the estate in order to recover a valuable item or information.
  • As a twist, they might be called on to help liberate a spouse or lover who is being kept like a prisoner in a gilded cage.
  • On the other hand, the PCs could be recruited to protect an estate when the wealthy owner has run afoul of a dangerous enemy.

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