Monday, June 29, 2015

The Strip Mine

The abundance of displaced beings in the aftermath of the Clone Wars—unfortunates who've been forced to leave their homes due to the ravages of combat—have created lucrative opportunities for those who are willing to exploit them. A good example of this is a Corporate Sector strip mine. Refugees are hired on as indentured laborers, in theory allowing them to start anew and rebuild their lives from nothing. In truth, however, they end up toiling for the profit of the CSA, while complicated contracts and gauged prices for basic necessities make it nearly impossible for them to earn their freedom.

The Mine
Refer to the appropriate maps for the following area descriptions.

1. Mess Hall
Work crews, guards and other personnel take their meals here; the steady stream of changing shifts means that it is almost always occupied. The old cook who runs the place, a Klatooinian named Tomen Bala, is a good source for information about what goes on in the facility. Refer to building F in the map of the Aerie for details.

2. Outfitter
This building is the very heart of the CSA's indenture scheme. It is here that workers can purchase the basic supplies that they need for life—at a suitably increased price, of course. Due to artificial scarcity and similar forms of gouging, the authorities make it very hard for workers to pay off their contract debt. The outfitter is run by a Human named Ettoca Lar. Typical items that can be found here include those which are unrestricted and have a rarity of 3 or less, excluding weapons. At the GM's discretion, some types of drugs might also be available—albeit in a covert manner. Refer to the map of Trallig's Outfitting to find a layout for this building.

3. Warehouse
All goods that are brought into the facility for sale, and those that are intended for shipping offworld, are stored here. As such, four guards remain on duty at all times. Items that can typically be found here include those mentioned for the outfitter above, but in larger quantities. Refer to the map of Ral'lya's warehouse to find a layout for this building.

4. Barracks
Each of these low, single-story structures consists of little more than rows of domiciles for individuals, pairs or families. They are not fancy, with little more than bunks, a refresher, a storage locker and a desk and chair. Refer to the map of the flophouse to find a layout for this building.

5. Guards' Quarters
Teams of guards—a dozen in each—are quartered in these buildings; see below to find stats for them. Each building contains bunks, storage lockers table and chairs, and a pair of refreshers. Refer to the map for the building A in the Aerie for details.

6. Cantina
The heart of off-duty life for the workers. It is run by a pair of Humans, brother and sister, named Vree and Zya Suno. She is assisted by a quartet of workers at any given time. Unlike the rest of the CSA establishment, she feels compassion for the workers and thus treats them fairly. To that end, it is a safe place for them to come and discuss their grievances. Refer to the map of Li's Cantina to find a layout for it.

7. The Pit
In the middle of the facility is a broad, open pit, the source of valuable ore. It consists of level tiers encircling the deepest part of the pit, connected by earthen ramps. The miners labor here, following the vein of ore.

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