Thursday, April 23, 2015

Uwanesh Kajidic

Based on the templates used for the various kajidics detailed in Lords of Nal Hutta, here is a write-up for the Uwanesh Clan.


Uwanesh Kajidic
Uwanesh is a relatively recent, up-and-coming kajidic. In fact, its leader, Slarr the Hutt, is something of an enigma among the other Hutt clans. None know of his history, if he comes from one of the existing clans and has stricken out on his own or if he comes from elsewhere. What is more, he is the only known member of the clan. That, coupled with the fact that Slarr tends to remain isolated in his stronghold, means that there is little opportunity to interact with him. So far he has not received much direct scrutiny because his activities are relatively small in scale, but that could change if he expands his operation.

Said operations are numerous and varied, but they share a common theme. They might seem rather pedestrian at a glance, since they include such activities as salvage on Raxus Prime and other worlds; chartering hunting expeditions to planets like Trammis III; promoting a variety of racing competitions; and even funding a Museum of Intergalactic Cultures.

All of these investments conceal a more ambitious purpose, however. Slarr the Hutt is in fact building a loyal army of followers who are well trained in combat, skilled in various kinds of piloting and able to construct all manner of military vehicles and equipment. One might think that he is building his own private army, but the purpose of it is known only to him.

Uwanesh Vital Information

Clan of the Ancients? No.

Current Clan Leader: Slarr the Hutt

Other Influential Members: None

Primary Base of Operations: Slarr's Palace

Throneworld: None

Spheres of Influence: Nar Shadaa, Nal Hutta, Gamorr, Raxus Prime

Current Legitimate Enterprises: Intergalactic museum, race promotion, salvage, hunting expeditions

Current Criminal Operations: Antiquities smuggling, mercenary company, fight promotion

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