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Spire Outpost

*Huh. Well, it seems that there might be a problem with the material in this post. According to the map in the new Beginner Game for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the origin point for Starkiller Base is exactly where the planet Ilum used to be. That's not good... 

After the destruction of Hosnian Prime by the First Order's Starkiller superweapon, the Resistance finds itself scrambling to respond to the elevated threat that that organization presents to the galaxy. With the New Republic in chaos, however, and only muddled support coming from beings who should be strong allies, the Resistance still needs to act discreetly. The creation of Spire Outpost represents one effort at doing so. This facility provides a place from which to monitor activities in the Unknown regions without attracting unwanted attention.

Spire Outpost
Refer to the appropriate maps and the following area descriptions in order to create this scene vividly for the players. Remember that Ilum is a frigid world, similar to Hoth in climate, but its caverns are also home to beautifully clear crystals.

1. Entrance
The mouth of the caverns provides protection from sensor scans that is a natural property of the surrounding rock and crystals.

2. Lower Cavern
This broad cavern is slowly being expanded for use as a hangar for starfighters and space transports. While the prior can now be maneuvered inside it, the latter must still be parked outside.

3. Maintenance Shed
A small prefabricated structure (like the rest of the ones in the base), this building is used for storing tools and spare parts used in maintaining the base's vehicles and droids.

4. Turbolifts
Each of these units can, in the event of power loss, be used as an emergency ladderwell.

5. Generator
This portable device provides electricity for the base.

6. Tauntaun Pens
The first “vehicles” brought to Spire Outpost consist of these six repto-mammalian creatures.

7. Mess Hall
The heart of the facility is this building, where base personnel can take their meals and spend their limited recreational time.

8. Barracks
Each of these structures boasts a dozen bunked beds, tables and chairs, and two refresher units. Personnel can store their possessions in footlockers under the bunks.

9. Comm Center
This building boasts its own integral power generator, along with communications consoles linked to the experimental crystal transmitter (see below).

10. Medical Center
While small and none-too-well stocked, this building can handle most of the injuries and illnesses suffered by Spire Outpost's staff.

11. Transmitter (not pictured)
The Resistance technicians have connected the base's comm center to a natural outrcropping of crystal, rather than installing any kind of sensor dish; in this way they hope to be able to enable communication and local scanning without attracting unwanted attention.

Spire Outpost Assets and Resources Summary

Type: Reconnaissance Base.
Location: Crystal Caverns of Ilum.
Command: Resistance High Command.
Approximate Personnel: Two to three dozen Resistance members including scouts, pilots, technicians medical staff.
Commanders/Leaders: Captain Cormen Taoshi.
Notable Personalities: Pomm and Kalla Teku; the PCs.
Defenses: None.
Mission Support: Reconnaissance against the First Order; staging area for “Special Operations” types of missions.
Facilities: Prefabricated barracks, mess hall, comm center and med center; vehicle hangar in the process of being built.
Starships: BTL-S3 Y-Wing; the PCs' ship.
Vehicles: Tauntauns.
Special Notes: The natural properties of the surrounding crystals, along with the concealed nature of the base's communications and sensor system, makes this base especially difficult to detect.

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