Sunday, March 20, 2016

Slarr the Hutt and the First Order

Because of the secrecy of its activities in the Unknown Regions, the First Order needs at times to do business inside the borders of the New Republic by clandestine means. That has led the organization to work through intermediaries such as the Corporate Sector Authority and the Guavian Death Gang. Another of the First Order's illicit partners is the Hutt crime boss Slarr Uwanesh Diann. 

Developing Slarr's Stronghold
Refer to previous posts for details regarding the upper level of the stronghold, which is largely unchanged. The lower level, on the other hand, has seen considerable development, as reflected on the map above. 

14. Guest Quarters
Each of these rooms has eight beds for visitors, along with tables and chairs and a compact but serviceable refresher unit.

15. Repusorpool
Slarr's sail barge, along with a couple of outrider skiffs, is kept in this broad, open chamber. In addition to the vehicles one can find supplies and equipment for maintaining them.

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