Monday, July 6, 2015

Merisee Thinking Garden

An interesting feature of the planet Merisee is the preponderance of thinking gardens, areas set aside for quiet meditation and contemplation. While the designs of these structures can vary widely, they have certain features in common. They are surrounded by walls that shut out the noise of the city around them, a feature that is sometimes enhanced with sound-deadening electronic fields. (For that reason, they are also a favorite place for beings who seek to exchange sensitive information without the risk of eavesdropping.) They usually include some small body of water, along with a variety of local flora and fauna. In the latter case, fish and birds are the most common creatures to be found in them. There are also private structures in which individuals and small groups can gather in a peaceful environment.

Refer to Planets of the Galaxy, Volume 3 from West End Games to find more information about that world, its cultures and inhabitants.

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