Sunday, March 1, 2015

Fly Casual (P)Review

Presented here is a preview of what people can expect to find in Fly Casual, released this week by Fantasy Flight Games.

Page 1: Crawl

Page 2: Credits

Page 3: Table of contents

Page 4: Short fiction

Pages 5-9: Overview of smuggling in the galaxy

Chapter 1 (Pages 10-39): “Free Traders”
This section provides more information about smuggler backgrounds and obligations; three new species--the Falleen, Gotal and Quarren; three new specializations--the Charmer, Gambler and Gunslinger; more smuggler motivations; and two new signature ability trees--Narrow Escape and Unmatched Fortune.

Chapter 2 (Pages 40-63): “Tricks of the Trade”
This chapter introduces more than a dozen new weapons, three new types of armor--I especially like the Smuggler's Trenchcoat--a dozen new equipment items, two new types of drugs and four weapons attachments. There are also two airspeeders, a speeder bike, two landspeeders, fifteen starships (including the Interdictor), nine vehicle modifications and a new weapon system.

Chapter 3 (Pages 64-117): “It's Just Business”
The focus of this chapter is running Edge of the Empire campaigns for smugglers. To that end, it presents suggested payouts for cargoes of differing rarity and restriction, modifiers to profits for haggling, different kinds of occupational hazards, effects for hyperspace travel that doesn't go as smoothly as intended, a gazetteer of hyperspace travel times, obstacles for heist scenarios, rules for blaster showdowns, a new game of chance called hintaro that uses EotE dice, guidelines for smuggling organizations, rivals and enemies, and effects of reputation.

All in all, Fly Casual seems to be a useful resource for smuggler characters who want to go out and haul some cargo. I can see using this material during adventures, or even between bigger storyline events to represent more typical business for these characters.


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