Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lords of Nal Hutta (P)Review

Presented here is a preview of what people can expect to find in Lords of Nal Hutta, released this week by Fantasy Flight Games.

Page 1: Crawl

Page 2: Credits

Page 3: Table of Contents

Page 4: Short Fiction

Pages 5-7: Introduction

Chapter 1 (Pages 8-39): “Criminal Empires”
This section provides a history of the Hutts and an overview of their political system. That is followed by detailed descriptions of four major—Desilijic, Besadii, Quinaalac and Gorensla—along with shorter descriptions of eight more. That is followed by breakdowns of the major Hutt criminal enterprises, such as slavery, spice dealing, gunrunning and other smuggling, black marketeering, piracy and gambling. There's also information about the Hutts' relationships with the Empire and the Rebellion.

Chapter 2 (Pages 40-91): “Hutt Space”
This chapter is a gazetteer of planets in Hutt Space. It presents Nal Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Varl, Kintan, Klatooine, Saki, Sriluur, Toydaria, Vodran and Ylesia, along with Kwenn Space Station. Each of these writeups includes planetary information, details about specific places of interest, and stat blocks for creatures and characters who can be found there. There are also shorter writeups for seven other worlds.

Chapter 3 (Pages 92-117): “Player Options”
Articles on the FFG website have already mentioned the four new species presented in this section: Hutts, Ganks, Nikto and Sakiyans. There are also fifteen new weapons, two types of armor and various modifications and other gear. That is followed by a dozen new vehicles and starships.

Chapter 4 (Pages 118-144): “Modular Encounters”
Following the example provided by Suns of Fortune, this book presents five detailed encounters ready to be dropped into any Edge of the Empire campaign.

All in all, Lords of Nal Hutta has the high production values to be expected from Fantasy Flight Games, and the content seems to be a solid mix of fluff and crunch. I'll report back with a more critical review once I've had a chance to read the book.


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