Friday, February 6, 2015

Bounty Points

In a Star Wars roleplaying game, questions regarding how much of a bounty should be offered for various criminals can be important. This article attempts to quantify a system for answering those questions. First, presented below is a table—based on the Reputation score from Wizards of the Coast's D20-based Star Wars RPG—to keep track of just how notorious criminals can become. Every illegal activity of which a character is suspected earns that individual a certain number of bounty points. That total, in turn, determines how (in)famous the character has become, along with what kind of bounty might be offered.

Bounty Points
Relative Reputation
Reward Offered
500 credits
1 to 2
1000 credits
3 to 5
2000 credits
6 to 9
Star system
5000 credits
10 to 14
Many systems
10,000 credits
15 to 20
All systems
20,000 credits
50,000 credits

Refer to pages 384-5 of the Edge of the Empire core rulebook to find the five classifications for crimes against Imperial law. Those classes are listed below, along with the bounty points that each of them earn.

Class Five
0 bp
Class Four
1 bp
Class Three
2 bp
Class Two
4 bp
Class One
8 bp

Additionally, certain circumstances can modify the bounty points earned (at the GM's discretion, of course). Some of these are listed below.

Destruction of Imperial or other government property
+1 bp
Injury to an Imperial or other government official
+1 bp
Having a connection to the Rebel Alliance (minor)
+1 bp
Death of an Imperial or other government official
+2 bp
Having a connection to the Rebel Alliance (major)
+2 bp
Public display of Force powers
+2 bp

The GM might also wish to add a setback die to attempts by characters at maintaining a low profile, if they are in a place where they are considered to be known. For example, a character with six bounty points would suffer a setback when in his home star system, while one with twenty-one bounty points would suffer one everywhere in the galaxy.


  1. Hey, man. I just started running a EotE campaign and stumbled across this blog. I have to hand it to you, there's a lot of great information and ideas here. I really like this information regarding bounties. Well done man.