Saturday, January 10, 2015

The B'omarr Monastery

Located in the depths of a Nar Hutta swamp, this tower rises four stories in height. It is built from roughly cut local stone and has a pointed, sloping roof made of cast durasteel. It is located well away from commonly traveled routes, providing the monks with the seclusion and solitude they need to contemplate the galaxy's mysteries.

The Monastery
Refer to the appropriate map for the following location descriptions.

Level 1
The tower's ground level can be accessed via broad double doors. Normally a pair of guards are stationed here; they question visitors and, if the monks approve, grant them access to the monastery. A spiral staircase leads up into the tower as well as to its lower level, although a door requiring a passcode (or a hard Skulduggery check) bars the way to the latter. Beyond that there are also eight pillars that support the upper levels.

Level 2
On the next level up the staircase opens into the refectory, which is dominated by three tables with chairs. This is, of course, where the monks (those that still have bodies) take their meals. Doors provide access to the kitchen and pantry. Windows provide natural light in all but that last area.

Level 3
Monks are quartered on this level; each cell is furnished with a bed, a desk and a chair, and has a window that can be shuttered closed.

Level 4
This level is little more than an open platform with the roof supported by pillars; a guard rail encircles its perimeter. The monks use it for meditation and relaxation.

Level 0
The heart of the monks' efforts toward illumination are based here in this underground level. There is a library for reading and discussing texts, with three tables and chairs. Doors lead to an infirmary that has three beds, used for emergencies and for those times when monks coose to have their brains removed from their bodies. The final chambers, with shelves lining its walls, is where disembodied individuals sit in darkness and contemplate.

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