Friday, August 15, 2014

Far Horizons Review

Continuing the series of books that focus on a particular career, this book is all about colonists. All in all, it is consistent with the others, Dangerous Covenants for hired guns and Enter the Unknown for explorers.

Far Horizons contains the following material.
  1. Four pages with the opening crawl, title page, table of contents and a short fiction piece
  2. Three pages discussing roles for colonists in the galaxy
  3. Ten pages presenting different archetypal colonists and new obligation options for them
  4. Six pages detailing three new species: Arcona, Chevin and Gran
  5. Eight pages detailing three new specializations: entrepreneur, marshal and performer
  6. Six pages presenting new talents, motivations and signature abilities
  7. Twenty-two pages of new weapons, armor, equipment and vehicles
  8. Thirty-six pages with suggestions for how to involved colonist characters in adventures, including rules for managing homesteads and a pay scale for these characters

For me, the homestead rules are the most intriguing part of this book. It's always nice to have more options for species, careers and specializations and equipment, but the homestead option—in which the PCs are tied to a location instead of to a starship—could make for a distinctively different campaign. I mentioned this a little back when I wrote about using the novel Kenobi for inspiration. In that book, much of the action centers around a compound known as Dannar's Claim and the efforts of the locals to make a living despite the machinations of others around them. The rules in this book would serve well for running that kind of campaign, a real change of pace and one that I think could be fun.

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