Saturday, April 13, 2013

Online Resources

The Star Wars galaxy is a huge and richly developed setting. Given that, there are already numerous websites that provide information about the franchise, the setting and the RPG. Some of these are detailed below; I'll update the list as I discover new ones.

This is a good starting point, since it's the official website for the franchise.

Next up is the website for Fantasy Flight Games, publishers of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

If you're looking for news about the galaxy far, far away, it's hard to beat this one.

Club Jade
With that said, Club Jade is another good source for news about the GFFA.

When it comes to outright mass of information about Star Wars, Wookieepedia is unmatched. In particular I recommend the collection of images that it includes, with deckplans for ships, maps of cities, floorplans for buildings and the like.

Roseville (MN) Star Wars RPG Meetup
For those who are seeking other gamers in hopes of doing some playing, various Meetup groups are a good option; take, for example, the one closest to me.

Triumph & Despair
This is a blog written by C. Steven Ross with lots of good articles and even complete adventures.

Jegergryte's Cubicle
This blog, written by someone named Jegergryte, also includes numerous resources.

Dono's Gaming & Etc. Blog
The title explains it pretty well for this one.

This blog is prolific in producing quality material.

A blog from a fellow who has worked on numerous Star Wars RPG products

Star Wars Homebrew
Another source for equipment and other stuff

Consummate Gamer
This one's not specifically for Edge of the Empire, but it has good stuff.

This one has material for the RPG, the minis game, and more.

Another good source for equipment and stats, along with excellent character folios


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