Thursday, June 16, 2016

Church of the Force Shrine

Following the end of the Clone Wars, the destruction of the Jedi Order and the rise of the Galactic Empire, access to knowledge of the Force and the lore of those who studied it became quite limited. The Empire persecuted those who showed interest in or sympathy toward the ways of the Jedi. Even so, adherents that came to be known as the Church of the Force managed to pursue their inquiries in secrecy, even creating safe havens where like-minded beings could gather to share their discoveries. One such location is a cave hidden behind a waterfall on the planet Barab I. 

The Waterfall
Deep in the jungle of Barab I is a place where a strong but narrow stream plunges over a vertical wall of rock. The water cascades down into a small pool, what seems to be a place to rest and refresh oneself. What most visitors don't recognize, however, is that the place harbors a secret shrine to the Jedi and the Force.

It takes an average Athletics check with one setback die to climb the rock wall next to the waterfall—while there are adequate handholds, the surface is slippery. Those who succeed can reach a ledge of rock behind that leads behind the water and into a small cave.

This place was once the hideout of a Jedi who survived Order 66 with help from the local Barabels, a Human male by the name of Ritsam Mit-Sanij. While this Jedi Knight was eventually found and killed, he managed to leave behind a holocron that he'd prepared along with some other personal items. Later a Barabel hunter named Aurakh discovered the place. That individual now resides in the cavern, recognizing its importance and revering the honorable ways of the Jedi warriors. 

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