Sunday, May 29, 2016

Secret Research Facility

Admittedly, I drew up this map for an Aliens scenario. Even so, I think it has good potential for Star Wars, too. 


Secret Research Facility
Hidden in a remote location on a backwater world is this small research facility. It could be used for any number of wicked and cruel purposes, depending on the needs of the campaign. 

1. Landing Field
This area is open to the sky above. The rock has been cleared of debris, exposing solid ground; four landing circles are painted on it.

2. Ring Tunnel
Running the circumference of the landing field, this tunnel provides access to the different parts of the facility. Heavy doors lead into it at the four cardinal compass points (marked with 2s on the map), and lighter ones open into the interior rooms. The tunnel also provides a simple but effective means of exercise for employees.

3. Mess Hall
The hub of downtime in the facility is this area, where off-duty personnel can take their meals, have a drink, carouse, and perhaps play a hand of cards or some other game. There are plenty of tables and chairs in the main room, along with a bar counter. There are also private rooms available for more intimate gatherings. Behind the bar is the fully stocked kitchen and food storage area.

4. Individual Quarters
Unmarried members of the facility staff have their own dormitory-style rooms, with beds, desks and cabinets. At the end of each hallway there is also a large bathroom.

5. Family Quarters
Those team members who have families can enjoy these quarters, which boast small but functional kitchens, multiple bedrooms and even a private bathroom. 

7. Med Center
In the event of illness or injury, personnel can be treated here. There is a waiting room in the front, along with four rooms for recovering patients. Toward the back of the area is an operating room, along with the doctor's desk, another bathroom and a storage closet. 

8. Laboratory
Transparent cages—ones that are as strong as steel, however—line two sides of this room. Between them are rows of workstations interspersed with examination tables. This is, of course, where the scientists working for the facility's backer do their work.

9. Comm Center
More workstations line the walls of this room. In the back of it is the database mainframe that connects all of the facility's systems to the satellite uplink which keeps them in touch with the outside world and the rest of the galaxy.

Using the Secret Research Facility in an Episode VII-Era Campaign
This location can be incorporated in a campaign in many different ways; a few of the possibilities are detailed here.
  • The First Order could be using it to develop biotoxins that only affect non-Human species, thereby given them a weapon to use indiscriminately against their enemies.
  • It might serve as a base of operations for some of the Knights of Ren, a place where they study the nature of the Force and plot to eliminate all traces of the Jedi Order.
  • The facility might lie in ruins, overrun by native wildlife but containing secrets discovered during the Galactic Civil War, the Clone Wars, or some time earlier.
  • A Hutt could be bankrolling it in order to discover newer and more addictive forms of spice.
  • It might contain an illicit and scandalous secret project undertaken by the New Republic, the Rebel Alliance or even the Old Republic.

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