Sunday, January 31, 2016

Savannah Landing

This post is the first that focuses on material related to Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


Savannah Landing
The planet Ansion, at first glance, might seem like a backwater agrarian world. The fact that it is situated on the edge of the New Republic, close to its border with First Order territory, however, makes it an important stopover for beings traveling between the two. For more information about that world, refer to the article(s) on Wookieepedia. 

 Savannah Landing consists of little more that a dozen docking bays forming the outside walls of the settlement, rising up to a height of fifteen meters out of the surrounding grassland. Entrance for ground-based traffic is via the broad sets of blast doors in the north and south walls. Each docking bay features broad, secure double doors out front (1). They are little more than open pits with fifteen-meter-high walls (2). Each one does boast a small set of quarters (3) with bunks, a table and chairs and a refresher, along with a small workshop (4) and a storage area (5). In the center of the facility are the two main buildings, the warehouse and the cantina.

 The cantina is dominated by a large, open room filled with tables and chairs (1). There is a long bar on the wall opposite the entrance. Beyond the bar, a door leads back into the kitchen (2), off of which is a pantry (3). A door in back of the kitchen leads to the alleyway behind the cantina. There are also two private rooms (4) to facilitate more intimate gatherings, and a pair of refreshers along each of the other walls (5).

The warehouse has double doors (1) at ground level and on the loading dock (2), along with a personnel entrance along the side. Most of the building is filled with rows of shelving units (3), and there is an employee break area in the back corner (4).


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