Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pirate Hideout

In the event that the PCs need to pursue the pirates back to their lair, they can find them in the following camp. 

The Hideout
The pirates' lair is located along the edge of a wooded cliff face. It is a relatively simple affair, tucked in among the foliage of Myrkr. It is built from prefabricated structures, all of which are covered by a sensor-obstructing, camouflage cover (A). There is a broad, open area in the middle, where the Solar Wind can be parked. Surrounding that area are two sets of crew quarters (B), each boasting bunks, tables and chairs, and refereshers. There's also a mess hall (C), outfitted with more tables and chairs, a simple but complete kitchen, and dry and cold storage areas. Finally, any loot and other valuables are stored in the warehouse and shop (D).

In addition to Gran guards, the pirates also keep a pair of tamed vornskrs to help in patrolling the area.

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