Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quick Updates

I haven't been very productive with this blog recently, for a few reasons. For one, I intended to attend the Free RPG Day event at the FFG Event Center, but real life conspired against me. Second, with the new core rulebook due out this Tuesday, I'm waiting to have the full rules so I can update my previous posts and then move forward.

With that said, I do want to mention a few things. First, I obtained a copy of the adventure from Free RPG Day, Shadows of a Black Sun. It contains a ten-page rules summary, an overview of Coruscant, four pregenerated characters and a twenty-page adventure. This one's a little more mercenary than others I've seen, such as The Long Arm of the Hutt, but is solid. If anyone is in the area, they still have print copies of it at the FFG Event Center.

Speaking of that, there's also a kickoff event this Tuesday, July 2nd, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. I'm including a link to the Facebook event page below.

Release Meet and Greet


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